Leaves curling upwards and drying, ph problem?

I have some auto flower plants, white widow & Girl Scout cookies, 5-6 weeks old that were doing well and all of a sudden the large fan leaves are drying up from bottom progressing upward. I had also started fanning plants a couple times a day, my humidity is 35% in room. Could dryness and fan be part of the problem? I watered and fertilized, the PH is at 8 also, but never stopped the problem. Is the PH being high enough to also cause this? I read that coffee or vinegar can lower the PH, how much would I use to lower it to proper level of 6-7? I’m not close to city that I can buy any PH up or down solution and also new at this and your advice would help greatly. I’ve attached photo with type of meter I have and plants affected the worst. Thanks. Brian

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this is your biggest issue you need a ph meter or indicator of some sort and lowering ph they have products for. If you are concerned with appearance you can buy all items at pet stores or Walmart in the fish isle these same products are used to adjust and monitor aquariums. Your target ph should be 6.5 in most soils

Thanks for reply. I’m 2.5 hrs from closest store to buy a meter or products to adjust ph. Do you know anything about using coffee or vinegar and in what strength or amount for lowering the ph level? Or any other suggestions when proper products aren’t available.

without ph strips indicator or meter there is no easy trick every cup of water the world over is different and what is in it effects it’s ph and resistance to ph changes vinegar works short term coffee not so much and you would be guessing blindly on how much to add. Wish I could help but more harm can come from adding acids without a way to measure the change so the only advise I can give is go for a drive.

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Unfortunately I have no vehicle. I have a 4in1 meter and am using RO water for watering. Would flushing the plants be a help?

if you are able to measure ph lemon juice or vinegar are fine short term to correct water ph but neither is good for long term and if you flush you need to use water with corrected ph

OK thanks Donaldj, hope I can get things on track. If not I’ll have to start fresh and prepared next time, thanx again.

If you can afford it, buy 2 pH meters…it is so important a number for growing that you don’t want to be stuck without one.