Leafs turning brown and taking over whole crop

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I am desperately trying to get this issue resolved. All of my plants leaves are turning brown. One of 4 is pretty much gone at this point. Out of nowhere they started turning light brown in the middle of the leaf and then spreading outwards until the whole leaf is brown. The weird thing is the leaf is soft still not dried up and crunchy like brown leaves usually do. I haven’t done anything out of my normal routine. I planted in to 30 gallon fabric pots with FFOF about a month and a half ago. Always PH water at 6.5. I have never seen anything like this and don’t know what to do. These are all ILGM purchased strains. Gold led, Bruce B and GSC

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If I’m being honest it looks like straight HEAVY nute burn. Seriously no offense meant as this is what it just looks like to me. 10gal pots they technically shouldn’t (and prolly aren’t) root bound. Other than that I dunno…they look and (how you describe them) just….burnt or burning…from the root up. Have you flushed? If not maybe try but they look completely jacked and I’m an outdoor grower if this tells you anything….might not be worth trying to save (for clarification)….sorry homie :face_vomiting:

I have had them in this soil for 1.5 months with nothing but water and had no issues until a week ago , so I don’t think its nute burn. Yeah its a big bummer… I’ve put a lot of work into these already

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What about your temps? Maybe they got too cold?

If this happened in like a week or less then definitely try a flush…and that’s only if you’re not gonna scrap it but let’s tag some people that might know better than I @YuccaBud @yoshi

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Im not seeing this picture show up that I tried uploading originally. These are the early stages when it starts to brown. Temperature has been fine. It’s been in the 80’s here

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It looks like you hit send before all the files were done uploading. Could you potentially try again? I would like to get closer look.

This may not be a nutrient issue at all. I have seen stuff like this happen with root rot. Which could happen if you have large pot not getting opportunity to dry out so roots can get oxygen. I have seen some claim that lack of light will behave with dying of leaves from bottom up too, especially if most prevalent on sides of plants away from light source.

Or, it could indeed be a mobile nutrient issue. Have you checked the ph and ppm of any runoff?

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This is my go to page for self help. Don’t know about the link issue thing but google cannabis plant doctor. Should be the first one.
Here is a pic.
But with all the knowledge here, they can tell ya how to recover if possible.


1.5 months is a LONG time to go with no amendments but to get all that burn / deficiency at once says to me nute lockout , what is you ph meter , how much are you watering at what interval.

Stevenray93, damn man, looks like heavy burning, are they crispy, if not you still may have a chance to rectify the problem flush it with ph water for what 24 hrs, i’ve seen in some cases soil turns brown or reddish color you may get lucky man. I saved 1of 3 super lemon Mac clone that was having issues with the ph, and trying to implement my nutes by doing so most of the little thing was burning up. She almost looked like a big lollipop, when I was done cutting all the burn stuff off But the good news is she’s alive and thriving and is pretty ever. I hope this helps you man

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What kind of ph pen are you using first off , it could have lost its calibration if this is from the same water source you been using and than suddenly this and no added nutrients in Fox Farm ocean forest soil right ? Clearly something is way to hot :fire: immediately with is a mobile issues like @dbrn32 said , 2 months of good foliage growth and you topped and stress the plants for a scrog training right and suddenly this ? It has to be you " PH PEN" if it’s a cheap brand , it could be the culprit of why or what’s happening here , that’s a whole lot of salt to soon in a week , I mean look at how aggressive the burning is , this been going on for longer than a week Sir :flushed:, but something drastically changed between watering and what’s in the soil and ocean forest has micro life and 80 degrees is perfect for that soil to release its nutrients and even a bad batch of ocean won’t burn this bad in my years of seeing , this is the first I’ve ever seen to burn in a week and not in hydro from just water . It’s only 3 things here to evaluate , the water of course , the ph pen , and the soil ? One of those 3 has a bad problem ? Check the batteries in your pen , but clearly if the water and soil is the same than it’s the pen in my opinion. I’m no expert though !

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Anything that shows bottom, middle, and top of plants? First pic looks like newest growth is green but brown directly below. Leves dying bottom to top is completely different issue than top down or sporadically throughout plant. The pictures you have posted so far don’t really give clear indication.

Also, have you measured ppm and ph of runoff yet?

I’m a newbie with MJ, so please check with the professionals. First, pictures of the root, middle and top leaves with natural lighting would really help. IMHO, it looks like an overdose of (K) potassium.

Everything on the bottom of the plant has been defoliated. The leaves that aren’t brown are light green in the middle and then turn light brown in the middle until the hole thing is taken over. I took a PH of run off at 6.6 yesterday. Didn’t check PPM but I suspect it’s low since I haven’t been feeding. If it helps at all this issue spreads faster on a hot day. Today was in the 90s and I have pretty much lost one of my plants already… 90% brown

That’s not good. Could just be that they need to be fed too.

6 weeks maybe the ffof is depleted and they’re starving.have you checked runoff ppm

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Did you give the plant any flower nutrients mixed with grow nutrients when you flipped them into flower ? Did you feed grow that went straight to flower nutrients ?

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100% my thoughts

@Stevenray93 if you did feed grow and than switched straight to bloom , that is what cause the problem, you have to take away grow nutrients gradually as you are adding flower nutrients gradually.
Any sudden ph spikes ppm swings or low lighting issues causes most defiencies.