Leaf problems, any suggestions?

@Traumamedic, I’m almost sure that the lux reading is too high for the plants.

And I think you meant Roots Organics soil.
And the mineral supplements I keep on hand for when my TDS drops off are all organic.
There are NO nutes in Pro Mix BX.
I have used it as a fresh water zone topoff of my hot soil for a while now… with great results.

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Lmao… I don’t think so…
The last 4 grows I did with these lights will beg to differ!!!

That’s great to now thank you, and the plants can they handle that much

Well… You tell me.
Do these 10 beautiful 6ft tall ladies look unhappy to you!


Gives a look at some off these mutant plants of yours🤣

What is your issue dood?
Why don’t you just leave my thread!
Those are some highly sought after medical strains.

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They look fantastic dude, nice work @Traumamedic :+1:

Yeah man just left m4ur’s thread , the one where he’s asking what nutes everyone’s using. Because he’s in Europe and shipping cost kill him, and the dude is being a smart-ass there too.
Don’t worry with his current direction he won’t be around for much longer!!!
Not at ilgm!!!