Late flowering help asap!

Week 7 of flowering and I’m starting to notice these dark spots on my leaves. My ppm was up to 4000 last week and I decided to flush because I started to get nute burn. Since then I’ve only feed them calmag. Last time I checked my ppm it was close to 2000. Also, I’m growing in soil with 3 gal fabric pots. I believe I only have a week left in flowering but it someone could help I would really appreciate it.

They look good. Might just be the end of it cycle. Keep giving them water and cal mag till they are ready.


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Cal mag gets cut out around week 6 of flower and you dont have much visable issues leaves are out to side and majority is non damaged I’d say keep lightly feeding till about a week before harvest and really flush the crap outta her till ppms are below 300 and she will yellow up and be ready and waiting come harvest day