Land race Indica harvest

60 days into flowering , 2 months vegging ,cement shoes , black domina , Hindu Kush and afgany hash plant , ready to harvest any day now . 3, 450watt led cobs total 1350 true watts . In compost manure , cloth pots in 10 gallon .
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Welcome to the forum :blush:

You need let the photos load all the way be for you post.

I want to see them. Load em up again

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Thanks for the warm welcome , having trouble downloading lol

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. Afgany hash plant 3 weeks flowering


Welcome aboard beautiful plants👍

Thanks , a lot of training lol

Welcome! These are looking fantastic :heart_eyes:

Thanks , much appreciated

Black domina , 1 plant just harvested , looks like a good return

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Nice canopy

Thanks ,1 big one in middle , little one on l side , lots of lst , hopefully a big yield from that ahp

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Only 8 weeks veg? She is really spread out nicely, you said lots of training, any photos of what training you did? How many times was she topped? Also, what seedbank did she come from?

Welcome @Daniel54

Black Domina is one of my favorite cultivars. I’m currently making an inbred line with a ‘96 Black Domina as a P1. I’ll be growing Black Sugar (Seedsman) in the fall.

Sorry that was the others that were 8 weeks vegging , this particular one , ahp vegged for 3 months , no topping just bending and tying down every branch , in a 4x4 tent , using MJ 10-30-20 , half teaspoon, all seeds are from canuk seeds , as you can see in picture there’s a little plant in corner , did want to waste light lol , cement shoes . Anyways the afgany hash plant is doing nicely almost filled tent .

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You won’t be sorry growing it , awesome plant and stone , just love these landrace indicas , thanks for the welcome

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Sorry I dont mean to sound dinkish, but when you say landrace, where did you source your seed? Black domina is definitely not a landrace, nor is afghani hash plant. Most of those are domesticated cultivars.

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Yup your right , lol , I think these are the closest to a land race you can get now a days . Canuk seeds ahp , no northern lights strain in them , but what the hell do I know , the breeder calls them landrace so I go with it lol . As long as they are what they say I’m happy with it . Ps I don’t like these interbred strains as they seem to hermie or show to many different phenos when grown ,

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