Lady in distress! We're losing her!

@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74

Happy frog soil
Fax farm trio (nutes twice a week at 1/3 str)
pH going in 6.3-6.6
pH coming out 6.4
TDS in 900ish
TDS out 575ish

Major yellowing, brown spots, halt in bud growth. Any thoughts or suggestions? I’m think the soil has too many or too few nutes. Something’s off and I don’t know if she can bounce back or if I need to consider chopping her down early to not lose the whole plant. Thoughts or ideas? Flush and restart nutes? Chop this girl early and hope for the best?

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Pics would help…
Also a support ticket.

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Not sure how I managed to forget the pics.

Are you following the fox farms flush schedule?

Looks like a calcium deficiency. Not bad yet, but about to be.


@Drinkslinger no I’m not really in their schedule. Long story short it took amazon 3 weeks to get me a replacement meter so they didn’t get anything for a while. But the deficiencies have continued spreading upward is now on sugar leaves. I don’t know if my soil is messed up or if I’m simply retarded but with the bad pH meter and this being my first grow, I just can’t seem to figure the nutes out. I do a third strength dose every couple of waterings and can’t tell if it’s been too much or not enough. Just can’t seem to figure it out.

Do you have cal mag?

A ppm and a pH meter?

@Drinkslinger yes I was giving them for weeks now but had slacked off the last week. Wasn’t sure if it was toxicity or deficiency.

From the burnt leaf tips, they’re getting a bit too much of something.

Following the fox farms flush schedule helps remove salts and prevent lockouts.

If you’ve been adding cal mag, and it still looks like this/getting worse, it’s time to flush.


This ppm at this stage of the game is really low


Too much of any nute can lock out others. Too much calcium will lock out magnesium and vice versa

Oops. Missed that 575.

That seems really low.

What cal mag product and how much per gallon?

@Drinkslinger @BobbyDigital

Would you guys suggest a stronger dose of nutes then?

Perhaps a slight rise in soil pH, say up to 6.5. Just in case your meter is off and you’re actually lower.
Go half strength ff nutes, but a bit more cal mag.

Are you using RO/distilled water?

@Drinkslinger yes I use distilled. Also missed your earlier question. I use the normal cal mag, I think general hydroponics (not home to double check) and I go based off the chart on the bottle which I believe is 3ml per gallon.

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Cali magic is 1 tsp/gal. (5ml)
I’d double it next watering.

Be sure to use it every water/feed.

The damaged leaves won’t recover. No big deal.


Yes, by now you should be full strength. As drinkslinger stated, those leaves are going to die off. As they fully yellow, go ahead and take them off or let them drop naturally. You’re not going to lose her. You may suffer from some loss of yield but I think if you feed her she’ll pack on the pounds, so to speak.

How far into flower is she? It’s looking not too far off.


@Vance420, sound advise you’re getting. I have a calmag deficiency with my AK. I load her up with full nutes and 5ml every feeding.

Girls will be fine, as Bobby and Drink pointed outed.

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I’m guessing a good 5 weeks of real flower.

If the cal def can be fixed easy and quick that’d be a plus. If not, they’ll finish… just a bit less.

@Drinkslinger @BobbyDigital they are about 6 weeks into flower. Will give them a full dose tomorrow when I feed them and hope for the best. Thanks for the advice all!


At that point in the life cycle it may be best to ride it out. Do as @Drinkslinger said to bump up a bit and you can add cal mag, but you will also be discontinuing that supplement in another 2 to 3 weeks. All leaves shown will not recover so difficult to determine except by new growth and at this point the new growth is mostly flower: not much help there.

Full TDS of around 1,200 ppm going in at this point with soil PH.