Kosher kush seed indoor grow

Yup! I see another Fgnat! So I will def DE again! Geeze! :mosquito::coffin::firecracker:

That kool wen ever so the strain is a nice one u love it so this one go till 66days but I alway take a few days over take to 70days and it drinks a lot as well you mite be give every 6hrs wen in flower but yr in veg any way jst ask and I’m watching anyway so good growin fam


Her the 1st one i did The grow journal of blu widow kohser kush the babys frm my 1st grow - #626 by Covertgrower

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Thanks @Shuggz I’m taking notes! :raised_hands:t2:

I have fought the fungus gnat war. It sucks. They have a longgggg life cycle stage as a larva - which is where it does its damage. The adults (fliers) don’t really cause any harm, but they are annoying and persistent.

I have used three products not mentioned yet with success.

  1. Mosquito Bits. These contain a bacteria that destroys mosquito and fungus gnat larvae. It takes some time, but it will be effective. You can sprinkle them on the surface and water them in or soak some in a reservoir and water with this. Buy at amazon or at a local hardware.

  2. Captain Jack’s Deadbug. Another organic solution. Quite effective on the adults, but doesn’t solve the entire problem. Again amazon or a hardware store.

  3. Beneficial Nematodes. This was the coup de grace for the gnats. This may not be a cost effective solution for you. I reuse my soil in place - grow after grow. So, in all likelihood, the progeny of that initial inoculation are still patrolling my soil.

When I sprayed those nematodes into the soil, I played a youtube video of a microscopic view of nematodes destroying fungus gnat larvae in the grow room so that the adult fungus gnats could watch what was happening to their babies. I HATE those F#%&ing things.

If i can find that video again, I’ll post a link.

This link has more information than I could share (or care to retype) Arbico Organics

I recommend a multi-pronged approach. Kill the little b@s+@rds.


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All out of likes @BlackShirt thanks for the info.

Thank you @BlackShirt these guys just don’t give up!? I do actually kill all the ones I find! I’ll keep trying! Ughhh, I saw the “white worm” and I knew, ugggghhhh

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If I could just leave her alone! I snapped her stem at top while attempting LST I ended up HST! Her leaf is wilted I’m going to Honey her under my tape job. And then stop messing with her :drooling_face: (last pic is before my snap job).

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Carol Anne today doing superfly so far!


Lookin good fam keep up the good nice work

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Update: growing strong still!! We’re in flower mode. I totally forgot to give her 72hrs pure dark and DOH! went straight to 12/12. Had to move her to a bigger closet, LOL!! More to come