KIND LED Bar Lights

Here is my plant at 20 days. I’m curious to know if anyone on here uses the Kind LED bar lights or if anyone’s has opinions on it? I only have one X40 Flower light and I’m getting concerned about whether or not I need to invest in a higher wattage. For reference I have a GGT 2x4 with an AC Infinity air filtration system 4”, and a single oscillating fan with the bottom vents open


You’re going to need more light. I’d start shopping. I use a hlg 350r in my 2x4. Seems to be plenty. Light is the most important investment you’ll make. And yes, a good light is expensive.


Plant looks nice an healthy. I’m with @Dexterado To flower and get a plant to the finish line you’re definitely going to need more light. You won’t go wrong with HLG lights.
260 v2 rspec XL Would also be another good choice for your 2x4 space. Good luck :v:


I have an older generation 48" Kind Bar light with flower spectrum. I used it only for supplemental lighting to help out a couple 125 watt blurples. Kind was closing them out and I thought it was worth the $25 they wanted.

It is wholly inadequate to flower anything on its own.
You will also need to watch for longer node spacing since your light is for flower. More red tends to grow taller less bushy plants than a veg spectrum light that emphasizes blue.


You want 260 to 320 watts for a grow light in a 2x4

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Appreciate the honesty thank you guys so much

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