Keeping seedlings, clones, dinks warm? - First post/First indoor grow

Greetings friends. This is my first post. I’ve been voraciously reading online since the day after Christmas. Have more questions than a five year old :slight_smile:
I plan to start w/ seeds in a small closet, then go to a tent for first part of veg, then switch to flower. SOG, SCROG look interesting. My closet is 31" x 60" x 96", mostly full of storage. I’ll set up a 2’x4’ platform on top of a chest of drawers with 2-3 2 bulb t8 or t5 fixtures, either FL or LED strip lights (6500k). When they get ready they’ll be moved to the tent w/CMH.

I don’t heat my place. In the winter it can be mid 50’s to mid 60’s, or warmer on warm sunny days. I’ll probably have a small fan to move air, and a small inline fan to pull in fresh air. I’m looking at least 18 hours lit, possibly more. From what I’ve read, these bulbs may not get temps up where I need them .

Suggestions on keeping the closet warm in winter/spring?
I like fast, simple, minimal, easy, and low cost.

Thank you.

btw - posting in this section as it seems gear related.

Just a second to find something.
Edit : This is it… It is for small spaces… But whit two or three it may work… But wait to see what its the final result for the first test. @corwin

PS If you are not a “builder” I suggest not to do it. It’s risky!

For my “winter” grows I use a 300 watt aquarium heater in a 5 gallon bucket of water. It’s safe around water and it’s a gentle heat. The thermal mass of the water makes it pretty efficient.

Personally I would invest in some decent lighting which will heat the space. You will have to improve your lighting anyway as fluorescent lights are inadequate for producing big dense nugs.


Lights are always my fave way to warm things up very hard to have too much light and most produce heat

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As far as I can tell T5 HO, and T8 LED strip lights are perfect for starting new growth. I’ve seen videos of major MM suppliers using exactly that. When it is time to transit, of course they will be put under a different source and intensity (leaning towards CMH). In the tiny space I’m using, for the purpose of my needs I don’t believe there better light choices.

The aquarium heater is a thought (I may have one already if I didn’t sell it), and the bulb in a can is a possibility too. In fact, building a little chamber for warm air under my growth/germ platform with two small cans and lights might be perfect, easy, cheap.

Thanks everyone!

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