Keep LST or try scorching

A question from a fellow grower:

I love your products, have sown and cloned quite a few ssh and gl from you. I recently finished some ak47 autos and one month not white widow auto flowering. I have some more white widows autos. I typically have used LST and a mix of pruning. My last two white widow finished at 10 inches tall and yielded 56g and the other 49g dry. I’ve never scrogged and your article made me wonder if it is possible with the autos. I’ve never topped an auto, but i prune against most growers recommendation. However, with your genetics, I have never even seen a hiccup in development. Should I just keep LST or try scorching? I have limited space. I grow in a 36x20x63. 600w led, great air circulation and humidity control and ff soil grown, I use ff trio and a calmag. I have to keep it stealthy, but managed to create great yields. Like everyone else, I’m looking to maximize yields. I would appreciate any advice you could possibly give! Can’t wait to hear! Just had some gold leaf **** :wink:

@ClaireILGM tell them to join the forum and there are hundreds of tips and tricks here. They sound like they’d be a great fit!