Kaptain3d's Cherry Noir seeds run 🏴‍☠️

As a lot of you know, about 2 years ago, @Hoppiefrog and @hoppiebunny gifted me with a pair of Cherry Noir seeds. I have been cloning her ever since.
Now I will attempt to clone her and using some STS, kindly provided by @repins12, I will try to make some seeds!
I will document my success and failures here. :nerd_face:

I’m trying the 6 in the new cloner I just bought and 4 with my old method (plant them in some soil and treat them like a seedling).

Here they are today after 3 days in their cloning “homes”.
The one dying in the soil, is because I didn’t dome her… just trying things out…

@Hoppiefrog, @Oldguy and @repins12, if I succeed, you’ll be getting a ton of those… :partying_face:


Watching it. Man im still 2 journals behind, i got alot of reading now


Following along. Haven’t dabbled with cloning yet let alone seed production, but learning for when that time undoubtedly comes…

One thing I’ve seen a lot of but still don’t have any knowledge around… What’s the story with cutting the ends off of the fan leaves for clones? Were they dying off or is there something more specific that is meant to accomplish in the cloning process?


Cutting the leaves cuts down on leaves perspiration. Some say it helps, some say don’t do it. I used to do it, but my success rate wasn’t that great.

That’s why I’m trying both now :nerd_face:


hell yeah :smiling_imp: …corner back left…ill behave…will be watching …fo sho… :upside_down_face: :sunglasses: :v:


So far ive found scraping the bottom inch or so is not as effective as just cut the 45 dip in clonex then in great white then the collar and in a cloner. 4 or 5 days without scraping and roots all over. 10 days or so scraping the stalk and doing sane process but where i scraped the stalk seemed to get like a slimy look still growing beautiful but i noticed a few things playing with clones so far. Dud we need to get a group together to get a pk of these cherry noir seeds i want just 1 or 2 and can work from there


I’ve pulled up a chair and put a drink in my hand. Gonna hitch a ride, on this one, for sure. Let me know when the product arrives. I just started, trying this international shipping crap and want to make sure, I can get things to people successfully. If you don’t get it soon Kap’n, let me know and I will get another on the way, trying a different packaging method. I hope that all is well with you and yours, my friend, you got this and I got your six. Let the good times roll :+1:t4: :tumbler_glass: :v:t4:


Oh you know I’m in for this ride!


So watching this can’t wait to see the progress. Will definitely be along for the ride.

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I’ll be here too. Probably not in the back left where the goodie goodies sit. But somewhere I can misbehave a little and still learn without disrupting the rest of the class.


:arrow_up:Prolly gonna be close to UTS :grin:

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The Eagle has landed @repins12

Thanks again Sir, now I just need to get those clones rooting… :wink:

In the meantime, a nice little Cherry Noir joint covered in Ztarburzt kief should hit the spot!


Hey Kap. That joint you rolled up looks good. What’s it taste like, mind if I try some :rofl:


Super smooth, a hint of Cherries and oranges.

Puff puff pass :wink:


Outmotherfugginstanding. Glad they made it Kap’n. I had another batch made up, just in case they, didn’t and was gonna use a different shipping method, if need be :+1:t4: :v:t4:
You’ll be shucking seeds, in no time :wink: :laughing: :rofl: :joy:


Puff puff pass this way 2 please I need some of that in my life

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Bro who else in the community should I support and get seeds. I got plenty of ILGM coming this weekend and @imSICKkid also


This is not really a good place to talk about that here… seeing as our host is a seedbank… :man_facepalming:



Agreed sorry ILGM. Was just trying 2 support the small guys. Together we can accomplish more


Good evening Kap, sorry to crash your thread but I just found what I think could be seeds on my girl. And I need a little hand holding cause IM FREAKING OUT! Lol. Tell me these are just swollen caylex please Kaptain! :scream: