Just wondering what are the benefits of this journal site besides social

Just wondering if y’all have contest like a site called Grow Diaries. I find that site very beneficial not only are you able start a grow Journal but you also can enter contests. Newbie of the month, Best grow, colorful bouquet. etc… and you actually win prizes such as seeds, t-shirts, grow lights and grow tents. The list goes on. Well as of now I’m unable to join any contest because most are for if you’re growing Seeds from a particular seed Bank. Like Crop King, Sweet Seed, Seed Man and other reputable seed companies. But I fail to see a contest for ILGM which was very disappointing. I even asked other Growers have they bought seeds from ILGM. Haven’t received a response yet. Anyway it would be cool if I could enter my seeds from ILGM in one of their contest if y’all could make that happen. Or start contests is on here. Everybody on that site is super friendly and you learned a lot from it like I’m pretty sure you’ll learn from here but the extras make it much more fun and inviting. 2021-09-07T05:00:00Z

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There is a Bud of the Month contest. But the biggest benefit I’ve seen is knowledge, pure and simple.


No personal information can be shared here. It keeps all parties safe from your local Police, Sheriff, State, DEA and others.

Sharing will get you banned.


Pure knowledge🤔 and there’s some great Growers on GrowDiary. And you can get Knowledge from books and YouTube. I get bored quick so I like things that are interesting and I haven’t seen any contest. But I’m new so whatever

Who shared personal information? You’re commenting on the wrong post

Have you looked? One is linked above in this very topic lol. We have several contests every year.


Knowledge. This forum has gotten me to this point so far, and I’ve never done more than throw seeds in the yard before signing in here. I’d have killed them long ago. She’s also going in this months Bud Of The Month Contest in a week or so. Happy growing!
Girl Scouts Cookies Extreme Auto from ILGM…


I see now. Looks great. Ill start my journal tomorrow. Thank you everyone for the information.

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It just so happens that I stumbled across the ILGM site after doing a google search looking for grow diaries gone bad. My thinking at the time was to try learn by other growers mistakes lol.
However, the wealth of information and tips learned on here, to me, is way more valuable than any competition prize.

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Welcome to the community ! Every holiday ILGM offers sales on seeds . Also Get you a quality picture and enter bud of the month contest. All questions will be treated with respect. Happy growing

Should have entered this girl in “Bud of the month” ILGM Northern Lights Auto at 97 days


Maybe we should start a monthly cola contest? That would be cool!!

Supet Skunk from ILGM. Started May 25, 2022. Almost done couple more weeks.
Beautiful Maple turning colors…!? :wink:

I get some good advice…


Holy batcrap! You’re gonna have your hands full defoliating that monster :space_invader: im currently growing indoors “Auto’s” so i have the option to add cold air through my bottom inlet during lights out. So yeah. Depending on where you live! I had one growing in Northern fla. & the plant took temps in the low to mid 50’s (gsce) I currently have a bud in the contest. If you look it up you’ll see the colors. Good job!!! You have a beauty there :+1:

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