Just Transplanted


I just Transplanted these two days ago and I’m concerned about the yellow on the leaves. please see below. I used foxfarm hyper frog dirt. I only put shark minnows nutrient in as a helper for the transplant shock. Humidity is at 69% and it’s 73degrees in the tent. Any ideas?

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They are in shock, give them a few more days to adjust to their new homes.

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Thanks, I was just wondering because that plant had that yellow leaf before transplant. I used the peet pods with the net for germination I heard that those nets kill the roots.

Did you take the net off?

No I just read about it today.

That’s ok, it should be fine.

Those two first leaves nearly almost fall off on every species of plant I have ever grown.
It is like they are just there to help the other set grow…like phase 2 of a cotyledon.


Yes, that first set of leaves usually die off pretty quickly.

Thanks a lot! Whew I thought I hurt them lol!

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