Just switched from a 30 watt led to big bad 1200 watt and my plants are freaking out

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I just switched from a 30 watt led to big bad 1200 watt (advertised 1200) and my plants are freaking out like they’re shielding the smaller leaves or something. What should I do … they’re in first week of flowering (18/6 with moderate bloom introduced on Saturday)

Support ticket and pics please

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It’s nice to ramp the light up gradually over a week or two.

Move the light up! A lot! That’s a huge difference. It’s like hardening off clones. When you’ve had them indoors vegging. You don’t just dig a hole and drop em the ground. Tou have to subject them a little at a time. I’d raise the 1300 as high as possible. Note results. Then every few days drop a bit more till they aren’t like shocked turtles running from the effing apocolipse! With such a drastic change. Tou have to think… It’s like being inside on a hot sunny day… You walk out and it’s so bright it takes your breath away. And when you go back in you’re blind aittle while. Backwards scenario. But you get what I’m saying.