Just Checkin Symptoms

I appreciate it my friend you do the same no matter who you ask on here you will get help and if they can’t help you they will find someone who can happy to see another satisfied person I have not been on here all that long August of last year but it is a tightknit family that you get closer to every time you come on honored to meet you too take care hog

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Good Day @BlackDog looks like they haven’t gotten any worse so not too bad I guess!

Here is what we are looking for to check the humidity. At least it gives you a picture of what you are looking for!


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Hi Team!

Sry its been a little while since I have been online.

I wanted to post and update on my two little ladies.

This is my halved lady…

And this is my Standby Lady…

It seems as though they are doing ok now that I have the conditions nailed down. Thank you all so much for your help!

So…my next question. These ladies are coming up to their 4th week anniversary. As they are Autos, is there a good time to switch them to the Flowering Stage? Do I just let them grow to a curtain size? or is it a time sensitive issue? Any continuing help is greatly appreciated!!

Autos, they will flower on their own. All you have to do is sit back and wait. What light schedule are you on right now?

They do look a lot better now!

outta likes :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hey @bob31 Thanks mate, I still have them in 18/6 :wink:

ok, 18/6 is cool. How old are they from seed?

…about 4 weeks. I think the issues I had stunted the growth rate some. just glad they pulled through.

ok, you’ve still got a few weeks to go but even if you stunted her a bit, she will do quite a bit of growing between now and harvest.

can you verify what you are growing for me?

Phew! I was hoping that may be the case. They are both ILGM Strawberry Kush. Auto

@BlackDog I don’t see an Auto Flowering Strawberry Kush on the ILGM website. Double check your order email or whatever paperwork you have. I think SK is only feminized

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…will do that now, thanks bob!

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Yeah, I don’t believe they have a strawberry kush auto

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…well gosh me with a long handled trenching shovel. You are BOTH correct! Not Auto Flowering at all…SO…? lol!

So that not being an Auto is not a real big deal. That just means you can leave her in Veg as long as you want. Although the Strawberry Kush is a compact plant, she can grow as big as 37 inches tall. so once she is about 15 inches tall I would flip to 12/12 and let her rip!


Yeah beat me to it bob, thanks brother


Awesome team! I will let these little ladies stretch their legs for a bit. Thanks again guys!

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She should yeild more than you originally thought, because she isn’t an auto. She’ll be able to recover from the stresses and still have time to grow before flowering

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Cheers HD! sounds solid. I will take good care of them :wink:

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no problem BDog

Throw an @ in front of our usernames and it brings us right back to your post as soon as we are around!

@bob31 you the man, cheers mate