Just Checkin Symptoms

cheers @BlackDog glad me and @Hawkeye_diesel could square you up. Give us an update in a couple days!

Good morning Team!

Well everything seems to be going fine with “black mamba” but “cottonmouth” seems to have developed a yellowing of the leaf. Now, I did look through the Disease and the Nutrients posts before I added this. The difference I see is in the Pattern of Yellowing.

Ph is Bang on, but the soil has been “WET” on the meter for a couple of days. Humidity is spot on as is the Temp.

Here is her pic. Any clues? @bob31 @Hawkeye_diesel ? Any help once again, truly appreciated!

P.S. I have been feeding with Nitrosol Organic liquid Fert. which includes Blood & Bone with extra Potassium and trace elements. As per label instructions.

I’m lookin for you right now, have you checked out the symptoms checker yet? I’ll try an find it for you

Not yet, Cheers! @Hawkeye_diesel

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I’m still looking, are the spots like a yellow or white? My eyes aren’t so good haha

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haha! yes mate. light yellow/brown, forming in the same pattern as the leaf itself

Looks like BORON Deficiency looking at the chart, looks exact to my plant! FN legend :wink: @Hawkeye_diesel


That’s what I was about to suggest brother, but I wasn’t sure I was goin through them all

I’m out of likes but :+1::+1::+1:


Looks perf. Mate! thats a rocking chart, I have saved it :wink: thanks so much brother! @Hawkeye_diesel


No problem brother, I try to help as much as I can

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Soooo…this happened. lol! I have not yet corrected the Boron issue as I am still seeking a good source available locally, therefore all conditions are that same as in my last post. Real strange…it happened within a 24hr period. @Hawkeye_diesel @bob31

Now the only thing I can identify on the ND&E chart is Copper Deficiency. (Along with the Boron) as I t seems to be the only thing that would cause such deformation ‘contortion’ of the leaves.?

I am wondering at this point if it would wise to flush both plants and see what transpires? if so, is there an article on the correct procedure? As usual Gentlemen, all advice truly appreciated!

pH can cause it too. If the pH is off it can cause the plant to absorb too much or not enough.

Have you done a support ticket? If not post one of those. Be specific on pH TDS soil all that so we can get you on the road to recovery :thumbsup: :v:

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@bob31 on it again lol Will get you all set up @BlackDog

Your soil seems pretty damp from the pictures… are you sure that your not over-watering :thinking: because that will lead to a bad pH and crazy fluctuations and possibly root rot issues… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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Hey team! Ph is Bang on 6.5 Nothing else has changed in regards to other Parameters. Humidity, Temp, etc all look good. @peachfuzz Yes sir! the pots have been in the WET section of my probe for several days. I haven’t really watered them other than a spray every other day, but the soil does not seem to be drying… As I looked at them again just now, I did think I could smell stagnant water? Could be my imagination at this point …

@BlackDog I understand nothing has changed. The problem is there is so much information on these grows (which is great btw) that we can’t possible follow every specific detail of every grow.

The guys are here and we want to try and figure out what’s going wrong with your plants but without a current support ticket it is nearly impossible for us to do anything but speculate.

PS. Those stick in the pot moisture indicators are very unreliable. I would weight check after watering and not water again until your pot is significantly lighter. I’d get a fan blowing some circulation around too.

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Ahhh, Point taken M8! I will get that sorted asap. The little tapes in the pots are for bugs, they are are Sticky Fly Traps :slight_smile: Use a proper Electro probe for my PH and Moister. :+1:

Hey there @BlackDog (he brew) does your soil have slow release fertiliser in it? just curious

How many drainage holes do you have on those pots and where are the holes located at… ?

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