July 4th sale? Ready for more seeds

Hi just wondering if there is going to be a july 4th sale ? I’m ready to order more seeds but if theres a sale next couple of days I’ll wait to see what’s on the menu haha. Thank you!


@Vegeta420 they are having a 10+10 sale for July 4th here are all the 10+10 deals


As posted above: buy 10 get 10 free.

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Thanks guys just ordered zkittles autos! Should be here by the time my ilgm gscx autos are finished. Thanks again!

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Nice choice, I’ve grown 4 of those and it’s a nice mellow buzz, great for day smoking if the trichomes haven’t gotten amber over 20%.


Those look awesome man! I hope I get some colors like that thanks for sharing!

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That particular 1 and 2 more are still growing. Maybe 3 days on the 1 and 12 days on 2 others. Had an experienced grower on here mentioned cooler temps to bring out the colors and so far so good. I usually run 68-76 on my temps. This came down 3 weeks ago but no purple??

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That’s why I went with a colorful strain want a little color in my yard Haha. I also heard about the temp thing and sometimes you get a prime example of colors the strain is known for like the pics on the seed site. I’ll be posting pics when they are ready thanks again! Happy growing!

Set to follow Bro :love_you_gesture: