Jack Herer auto week 3: older leaves all yellowing

Growing in FFOF. Have been watering with RO only, so I’m thinking mag deficiency?

I watered with some CalMag yesterday and am hoping that helps. How long will the plant take to start using the mag in the soil? I’m still seeing yellowing spread slowly after a day and a half. Can I expect the old leaves to return to green if the deficiency is fixed?

not likely once this is damaged they will just stay that color. i would check your p/h and don’t over feed them most plants in any bucket will eventually build up the salts from the fertilizer if you don’t flush them with a good p/h level water …once in a while …its most times to much of something. and not to little unless some nutrient build up blocked the other minerals from being absorbed as can happen with some of the nutrients like manganese…and boron .

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