Issues with my autos

I have 2 Colorado cookie autos and 1 Sweet soma auto, they are in 5gal fabric pots with buffer coco, perlite, and a small portion of fox farm ocean forest (won’t use that stuff again) these girls are 9days old I have basically been keeping the domes sprayed and stopped giving much water (was giving a shot glass of water ph6.0 three times total.) both the Colorado cookies seem so so but one plants leafs have kind of been dropping downward today haven’t looked “happy” I should say. The Sweet soma has like a yellowing on tips or What not which I’m not sure what to do about that I think the fox farm ocean Forrest is the issues? Any input and help is appreciated! Thanks guys

Forgot to add I have kept the temp day74-80degress and at night it’s been around 68-72
The RH has been 50%-60%

She does look a touch burned. FFOF is fairly ‘hotsoil’… i wouldnt over worry tho. Autos are super finicky and can act up when things change on them.

Droopy looks fairly damp. Do u water daily?

What are ur ratios of perlite:coco:soil

Especially around the plant


The medium looks overwatered to me. The algae growth isn’t encouraging.

This is one of the reasons I like to progressively up-pot, but that doesn’t help you in your current situation.

Anyone have any tips on the algae before these seedlings dampen off? I’d add an inch or two of perlite on top of the medium, but I’m not 100% sure of that solution.


My sentiments exactly. I also uppot in stages.

Stop watering would do some good. At least the frequency.


It’s a risky move, but you could probably relocate the plants to smaller pots. I doubt the roots are really outside of the rapid rooters. That also solves the Ocean Forest issue, since that soil is probably too hot for your little autos. I’d go to a solo cup for now, with a milder soil like happy frog.


I have a NL in FFOF from the start. She did get a little burn like yours on the first leaves but came through fine and is doing well. Definitely work on getting your watering dialed in. That was the toughest thing for me on my first grow. At that stage she doesn’t need a whole lot of water especially with the FFOF. Every time you water you’re causing the soil to release more nutrients so too much water is too much nutrients.


I was thinking about this grow last night.

To be pedantic, normally coco (with or without perlite) is has an excellent air to water ratio. We can treat it like a hydroponic medium and fertigate multiple times daily. But when you add coco coir to soil, it acts to retain water.

I’d scrap that batch of coir, pull the plants, and eventually repot them in coco (w/ 30% perlite by volume).

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Thanks for the replies I do appreciate it. & I 100% agree with you’re comment I should definitely do just coco with perlite for sure. I may wait a bit longer and see what happens that will give me time to get more coco and stuff together. Luckily I have a lot of different auto seeds left. It really upset me seeing them look sad but I guess it’s apart of learning the grow life. I’m determined to be successful with this.

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They are still standing. Dont overworry. Just learn adjust learn somemore