Is this Yehsence 2000 light any good?

From a fellow grower: Is this light any good?

It uses Bridgelux 3030 diodes. I am not familiar with these diodes. Perhaps @dbrn32 can comment.


I’m sure tit will grow weed. Not the best but not the worst either. It’s an average light for growing average weed if this makes sense. If at all possible try and stick with a light that uses Samsung chips and meanwell drivers or atleast inventor ics drivers depending on the light. Hlg spider farmer enfun makes ok lights king bright is another ok kind

Bridgelux has a series of leds that fall under 3030 chip size. They range from pretty average to very good in performance, and their stuff is usually on more budget side of big names in led tech.

Without more specifics on exactly which led is in here or performance reports on fixture i would say it’s probably similar in performance to other lights within it’s size and price range. It would probably need some help to provide good results in anything more than 4-6 ft². So like 2x2 or 2x3 grow tent for flowering on 12 hour schedule.


Thanks I have the 2000 in a 3x3 with another 400watt led 5000k light they are doing pretty good


Thanks for the information

It’s a china burpel POS only fit for throwing in a trash bin very violently to never waist electricity.

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