Is this Root rot?

Is this root rot? This is not on my canibus but is on a hydroponic thing used to grow greens.

Y’all are the only plant geniuses I know. If anyone can tell me what it is and how it’s fixed I would appreciate it greatly.

I’m guessing the pods are not getting proper air flow??

Thanks so much !

Does it smell bad?
Looks like lots of little tiny roots.

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I agree with covertgrower, root rot is brown, slimy, stinky roots. Not root rot, could you get some closer shots?


Looks like healthy roots. Browning a bit where not much water hits.
Slime = root rot

That is a cool system , what is the name of it ?

Would be nice to try one out.

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@Covertgrower @Jstar @BetrayedSoul

No smell. It’s called a Gardyn, check it out, definitely cool. Thanks everyone. Plants have since been trashed…