Is this normal or not

I don’t know exactly how old my plant is but I think it’s about 3 months old give or take a month.I’m pretty sure it’s female but I could be wrong you tell me :joy: But anyway I fully forgot about it and it just kinda sat out side my mum Waterford it every once in a while when she was out there but she’s know as much as me but this is what it looks like now what’s going on? Is it okay? I’ve never grown before and this is my only plant for personal use. I don’t mind losing it but I would love to know if it’s normal and if I might just keep growing and maybe what strain it might be,

it came from a bag of seedlings that I had been collecting for about a year so no clue what it is. It has a weed smell to it and a little bit of purple but I’m not sure if the colour change is from the change of weather or the strain but someone please tell me is this a normal weed plant is it okay and will it produce smokable buds? I appreciate any help thanks :blush:


Seems ok to me maybe wait for pros to chime in tho


Welcome to the community ! Your plant is a female and starting to flower. No way to really tell what strain. Good luck :v:


@Weed21 Looks like mostly sativa to me with the thin leaves


Welcome to the community. Are you feeding any nutrients?

Its a female

Hello and welcome to the neighborhood.
Just let the lady mature more and when all those white pistils turn color and recede back into the bud, you can start looking at your tricomes on the bud. Use a jewelers loupe to get close. You’ll want them to look like one of these :point_down:

No I have no clue what to give it :sweat_smile:

That’s great help thankyou so much :+1:

Looks female. Patience my friend. Let her go till the pistils change to amber and Trichomes are 50/50. Well that’s my personal preference anyway. Check the chart beachglass sent you to harvest when you want that type of effect.
Happy growin/harvest

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Three months old? Did it grow outside during winter? It’s stunted bad and flowering because it was started outside too early. It will soon recognize the increasing daylight hours and start to reveg. You can pick it at that point and get maybe a pin joint or let it reveg and put it in some sun and eventually a bigger pot.

Good luck.


It’s about to be winter here I put it out mid summer months an it’s just started flowering as winters arriving

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