Is this male or female? Help please

Hi all, I am on day 9 of flowering stage. My seeds are not feminized.

Some formations are starting on the stems and I’m not sure if they are pollen sacks forming or buds. Can you please tell me?
The pics are off three different plants.

image image image image image

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No pic? Iv heard the website down? Flippen eternet works great

I wish we lived in the 70 again

Still a bit early to tell for sure.
They should show within the next week or so.


Can you see the pics?

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You can’t see the pics?

Yes. They’re there :+1::+1:

@CanberraGrower no pics for me I see old guy sees them old guy tell you though it’s hard to tell right oof start

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Pic #4, I’d keep a closer eye on, possible male, but agree with others, give it a week or two.

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@ zee you got eyes for it I can’t see it it’s weird no pictures

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Hello friends, it’s been another week or so now and my plants are starting to sprout all of these things at the end of each colas. (Pic attached)

Does this mean they are female???image image

Pictures like this, please. On the stems. This a female

Those will all be females guaranteed. Bottom of the stem bulges out a little so I can see where you would get concerned but theyll be fine. Should be more definitive soon.