Is this day one of flower

Ok I’m still not sure when I call day one of flower I have long white hairs under the main tops


Real close , it’s a flower site, not quite a flower yet tho in my opinion.

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It looks like it’s almost in preflower. You should see intense growth in height over the next week or two. When it stops growing, consider that the beginning of the flowering stage.

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Well last year I grew 5 plants and got no stretch at all. I’m thinking these are going to do the same thing. I switched the lights 9 days ago and only got 3” of hight so far

Not yet.
You’ll know when they’re actually flowering.

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How high above the canopy is your light at?

About 17” I’m running 4 qb132 with a 240-1750 driver

I would wait until you see buttons forming

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I just never know when to say they started flowering

When you see a bunch of white pistils all over the plant, then she is outright flowering. Your is not just yet.

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The only place I’m not seeing them is the tops

Flowers will pop out the tops of the plants

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Ya that’s where I found them last year

Kinda like this…buttons all over the tops
Stolen from another thread


ya maybe in a couple days

My observation is that the “Beginning” of the flower stage is pretty much a fluid concept.
There is no hard and fast definition for when the beginning is. Lots of people have their way of figuring it, but it varies a lot from person to person. One website will say as soon as you see pistils anywhere and another will say once pistils form on the tops of stalks. In my opinion I dont see what it matters. Stated flowering times are just an estimate and could be, and usually are, longer than stated. If for the purpose of keeping a log just decide when you want to start counting and use that as your baseline.


Ya it’s for the log book so I’ll say October 24 oh man I’m late :smiley: but that’s what my second wife told me to


@Spiney_norman pretty much my thoughts. Day 1 isn’t nearly as important as deciding when harvest day is, and when day 1 of flowering happened, how many days the breeder says, are both pretty irrelevant when it comes right down to deciding when to harvest. Counting days will give you a rough estimate when to start looking more closely at the other stuff, though.


I would have to concur with all above, in my opinion, you are in pre-flower. @SeaSeaside_guy1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day :tumbler_glass::champagne::beers::clinking_glasses:


I start counting it as flower the day I flip lights to 12/12. That is when things start to change in the plant.