Is this a Male?

I asked before but didn’t get very many answers are these male Pollen sac’s?
I am hoping some experienced growers can direct me what to do with it.


1st pik is a female pre-flower.

The 2nd is very blurry, but appears to have a male pollen sacks developing.

The reason no one really answered is because the pictures are too blurry and no one can say for sure. I would have to say they both look like pictures of female pre-flowers to me. They don’t look like pollen sacks a all, they all appear to have little hairs coming out of the bulges, this would indicate female flowers, the males will not have pistils coming out at all.

Thanks for the input. I grow them out and watch them close. I am very sorry for the blurry pic, next time I will look before I post.
Have a great week everyone

Sorry to bother you, but can you tell if this is male? Thank you for any opinions!