Is this a Male flower?( Hermie? )

Looking for confirmation

image Because there is a little stem I presume this is a male flower. I’m just a little confused , as I don’t see yellow petals, and it looks like there are pistils/ hairs coming from it.


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That’s is a female plant.


Agreed with @Zee


Sometimes pistils expand and look like seed pods, but aren’t. If they have seeds in them, they’d be a hermie. I’m assuming you already tried to find some seeds and hadn’t?

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Either you are using pistil incorrectly, or this is the first I’ve heard of that phenomenon.

I suppose unfertilized ovum, which are at the base of the pistil, continue to develop until senescence, which gives the calyxes a swollen appearance, but the term “seed pods” is also confusing me.

@CM99 I’m going to disagree with the posts up to this point. I do see pistillate (female) flowers. I cannot say with certainty either way whether you’re highlighting a staminate (male) flower or not. The absence of pistils doesn’t necessarily mean the flowers aren’t female, since pistils can retract into the calyx.

A “normal” male flower will have 5 “lobes” which will open up to release pollen. Things get squirrelly when talking about stress-induced staminate flowers. The morphology could be different. :man_shrugging:t2:

I meant the calyxes. I’m a little high. My bad. I don’t know the 100% scientific words, but I know what I’m doing and a lot of it the scientific sciences behind certain parts of it. Just not the terminology of it all.

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Here you go! This is Male! LOLmale plant


Bro I am stealing that pic…rolling!!!

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That’s how I got it!

This is what an immature male flower looks like.

You mean hermaphrodite?

No. I mean male. That’s an immature male cola.

The ( seed ) pod is called a perigonal bract. The calyx is the part ( hair like ) that protrudes from the perigonal bract. The bract is leaf like material that is designed to protect the seed should viable pollen stick to the calyx and successfully impregnate the ovum. The perigonal bract is the place of greatest resin production because of its function. Its swollen looking because it is receptive and mature. Not because it has a seed in it.


:open_mouth::laughing: you think?

That “ you think “ comment was in response to the joke about the male plant … it turned up in the wrong place !

Thank you That’s super descriptive.

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