Is this a good light set up?

Question from a fellow grower:

I put my HPS light up but I also ordered a new Hortilux HPS bulb to make
sure my old bulb has not got weak. I also added a 125w 2700k CFL to my
timer do you think this was a good idea of not. I read this some where
that it can’t hurt. What do you think of doing this can it help my yield
or was this a bad idea, reason I done this is my HPS is only a 400W.
Could someone over there Please tell me it was ok to add the CFL.125w.

I would save to 125w CFL ofr the bloom phase, and I would use it as a side light. This will allow you to provide a lot of extra light to the underside of the canopy. Your yield will increase25% if you light the underside of the plant.

No need to waste this light in the veg cycle.

Another idea is use the 125w CFL for vegging seedlings under 18/6, and make a separate area for flowering, using the 400w horti… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input it is greatly appreciated, I guess that I didn’t word my question right, because I now am beyond the veg cycle and are into the flowering stage and my 2 plants are loaded with small buds at 12/12 light cycle. The only thing I haven’t done is put the CFL at the side, I have it also on top, so you think I should lower it to shine at the underside of the canopy? Maybe one on each side would even be better? Thanks

I don’t think it; I know it. That is why I advised you to do it. If you have reflective walls; ONe side is enough. However; If you have the space and want to add another 125w CFL to the back side; Go for it. Light penetration from the top dies out fast. The side lighting provides much needed light to the lower branches and they In turn grow as big as the top Kolas; Or at least as big as the 2ndary Kolas.

Also consider “side-lighting” this will increase your yields y at least 40% + Use cfl’s for this