Is this a decent setup?

From a fellow grower:

Does this look like a decent set up for one plant? Those are 100w cfl daylight bulbs, I ordered pH up and down, nutrients, one blue cfl bulb and a timer. Am I missing anything

That clay pot could get heavy. You might want to look into getting or making a fabric one.

Are those light sockets plugged into a power strip? I need those.

Yeah they make the adapter at walmart for 1.29 lol

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It might be a decent set up. The blue incandescent bulb is pretty much useless though. You’d be better off with another daylight CFL.

By the way, when describing CFL bulbs, don’t use the “equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent” rating. It confuses the issue. I can clearly see by the picture those are probably 35 watt CFL bulbs, but if there was no picture, or for someone that doesn’t know the difference, it could be very confusing. I know, maybe you are new and don’t know the difference yourself, so I’m just clarifying and also kind of asking to be sure, what is the actual watts each light uses, because this is important to figure out if you’ll have enough light for the size of plant you plan on growing.

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It says uses 23 watts equivalent to 100 watts each and I kno the blue bulb is useless I have a blue cfl on the way in the mail

Looks like you might run out of headroom? Is there more than what is looks?

Yeah I can go up to 5 ft if needed im bout to post a pic will yall tell me if it looks healthy…it won’t let me upload a pic