Is this a Autoflower

I am envisioning a person sweating bullet standing over several spilled trays of 40,000 seeds yet to be packaged at the distribution center and couldn’t muster the courage to come clean.
For Now.

@jorkvilleyoe with the sh!t ton of people on here having that very same issue it might not be as far stretched of an idea as it may seem. A little detective work at the distribution center might be in the works lol.

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They sent me new beans so hopefully next time i can get a photo run but this one is coming along just dont what strain it is lol

I’m a shiny penny as far as experience but it looks like sativa to me.

Either way my first grow so hopefully i enjoy every bit of it

I’ve literally football punted a plant across my yard. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: My guess is you’re loving it because when you’re not everyone will know.:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: