Is there a market for marijuana bonsai plants you think?

So people go crazy over their grows. People also go nuts over bonsai trees. I’m wondering do any of you think there is a market for these? I printed out a pot for one of them. Let me know what you think. Thanks everyone.


If Craig’s list has taught me anything it’s that there’s a market for absolutely anything.


The thing with a bonsai tree is it doesn’t die in a couple months.

But what your talking about would make a great gift which I’m sure people would buy.

The skull pot is awesome !! Lmao it is literally Skull Pot


Nice! You got way too much extra time and space! Lol!! We already got those lowryder bonzi autos lord do we really need more?

Just kidding, there maybe a few out there looking for such with deep pockets. But realistically probably a very tiny market.


What do you give to pot head who has everything I think it’s brilliant


There are a few here that are doing bansai if I’m not mistaken… @Randy_Marsh You can keep a regular photo period cannabis plant in eternal veg if done correctly. It involves lots of bending, twisting, re-potting, torture, bondage, etc… but its definitely possible and plenty are doing it
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Yeah I have invested a quite some time reading about it so I have tried several things now in my second plant much smaller , just got to training a lil late again `

(Bonsai my weed - training room - #48 by Randy_Marsh)

Will still have to start over but every time I get more understanding of how to manipulate this plant :seedling:, I was able to manage to make sure leave stayed small , next step bending