Is that normal?


So she is in 4 weeks of flowering jack herer auto and my question is that i highlighted on the picture is normal to leaf ? I mean not as sharp as it was on the beginning of the flowering. Approx how much weeks from harvest ? 4-5 ?

Oh and do i need defoliate now or which week ?

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I would not worry about the leaf shape just a pheno type with I the plant. If you are planning on defoliating this would be the time to do it. I do mine on day 1 of flip and day 21.


Whats your opinion ? Cut leaves on branches or not ?

It’s a mixed bag of opinions when it comes to pruning autos. Some say do it; others say do not. If absolutely necessary for opening bud sites, go ahead and cut. But do it little at a time so as not to stress the plant out too much. If you can just tuck leaves away, that is probably better since you are into flowering.

As far as time, you have at least 5 weeks; most likely more. Watch for changing of white hairs. when the majority have turned brownish-orange, look at the trichomes and harvest according to your needs or wants.

Plant looks good. Keep up the great work.


Sorry I thought your girl was a photo. Leaves only and only a few at a time.

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Somebody can answer what is this ? It appeared on top leaves 1-2 days ago

I think its not fungus i cant remove with my finger
It must be P or K def ?

Is that fungus or nutrient on top of soil ?

Are you supplementing with Cal/Mag? May be a Calcium deficiency?

Looks as if new growth is being impacted. What is your pH in and pH out?

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Thanks for the reply
It must be calcium def cause i didnt use any calcium in the last 2 waterings. I use calcinit that contanins nitrogen that i dont want in flowering. My bloom NPK is 2-4-4 so it has much nitrogen i guess…
So next watering will be pk+calc+epsom
My ph is Ok. In pH is 6.5 runoff pH is 6.4-6.5 EC is 1.5

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