Is something wrong with my clones?

Is something wrong with my clones or r they just acting normal and developing roots, eating away at the nutes in the leaves provided?


They look fine. Keep the dome on them and wait a couple of weeks.


Ok they r already 2 weeks old. Is it typical to go almost a month? I have had the light on 24 and just found out to make it 18/6… maybe that plays a part…

If you put a heat mat under the tray it would probably speed things up but I had clones root after three months as long as there is still green you are good


I have clone going wright now and hell it’s has to be going on 4 weeks now and there just now starting to root
.And by the way … WELCOME TO ILGM and to our community.

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Thanks bro,
Now for the coloring with my clones… they were green and vibrant when I started now they r starting to yellow and rusty. Is this roots growing or a deficiency?

Ive found that an ez cloner machine or a d.i.y. cloner is easiest and best method for cloning. On average it took about 3 weeks MAX in a traditional dome, clone plug method. (With heat mat). Using the ez cloner cut it down to 14 days max to where there are plenty of root development to be able to put the clones in soil (or your medium of choice) and start your run. P.s. if you go with a clone machine…make sure you add a few ice cubes to the water every day…it helps keep the water temp down (obviously) and will speed up root development!