Is she ready to be harvested?

I’m struggling with this one plant. Is it ready to be harvested? I think it’s ready but I was waiting for the buds to get fuller. It’s been real wet here lately and I’m concerned about bud rot. I found a couple little spots that I cut out. Do I harvest her now or wait??


Possibly, Hard to tell with the pics.
Don’t see any white pistils left.
I see some amber in the trichs, but cant tell if its on leaves or flowers.
If you see cloudy with a little amber on the flower buds and not just the sugar leaves then you are good.
Nice plant btw.


Ya what @Spiney_norman said and nics plant by the way. Some of those leaves look almost lavender colored


Looks ready when I zoom into the trics.

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If you have a cell phone take as good a picture as you can at 2x and then in the photo app zoom it in until it starts to get blurry, then back it off a little. You should be able to see trichome heads moderately well. My galaxy s10 plus does not have macro sadly so that is what I have to do. Here is what I can get without macro…

ok do you can click on the image and zoom in a tad and you should see some trichome action?
Notice that all the trichomes are milky? Thats max thc and terpines, shes good to chop.

Here is a better picture of the trichromatic on the bud not the sugar leaves. Pretty sure she’s ready now.


Yeah Id cut er doon.

I agree with @Cannabian she looks ready Happy harvest

Agreed for chop… . Last set of trichome magnification is purrrrfect for me