Is she ready or should i wait longer?

Hey guys what u think. White widow. Almost ready. Or been ready lol?


how long has she been flowering. Looks early to me. Plant doesn’t look like it spent enough and has more to give.


@beardless. She was germinated may 12 th. Lol
My outside girls get less attention then my inside girls but outside has fatter tighter buds inside has more thc and oil. But airy buds.

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It has been going a long time for an auto. However, when I first started I grew them. On average
total grow time was around 100 days. The last auto I grew was a Jack Herer. It went 136 days and didn’t start flowering until day 55.

Got to bring some of that sunlight inside. Light’s is the name of the game inside.


Definitely not ready yet.

Just echoing the others’ question- how long has she actually been flowering?