Is she ready for harvest? Sativa In South Africa

Outdoor grow in coco in South Africa. Planted early October.

Some flowers show amber trichromes and others are still clear, but they’re getting less sticky and the smell is also down. I’ve stopped nutes a week ago.

I’ve seen a few seeds so I know she got some pollen in the wind. It’s common in some places here in SA.

A 7 month grow? Wow!

I see amber… if it were me, I’d cut it. But don’t take my advice. Wait for one of the experienced growers.

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Yeah I think she’s ready to go. Cutting the first branches now.

How long has she been in flower (first pistils). Also are those pictures taken from leaves or on the actual bud. They look like sugar leaves and they mature faster.

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Some of them are on the sugar leaves and others on the bud.

I’ve cut four colas off now to wash and trim, but it looks like she’s filled with seed. I think this one is a waste.

I didn’t note the exact time I first saw pistils. It’s been a while. Probably sometime in February.

About right in timing for harvest 10 weeks.

I see a lot of seeds. I’d harvest immediately. She’s losing sticky ness and smell as she’s now diverting energy into making seeds rather than buds.

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