Is no stretch a thing?

Trying to figure out if no stretch is a thing. Two going: left jack herer auto and right zkittlez auto.

Re-used amended soil. HLG 100v2 3000k. Fox farm all purpose 5-5-5. Kelp meal, blood meal, bone meal, epsom salt, earth worm castings (from my aunt). Week 5. Temps in the upper 70s for the most part. Dechlorinated tap water. I have never and don’t plan to test ph.

This is my 6th grow. Previously white widow auto and blueberry auto.

The jack herer started pre-flower/flower this week and zkittlez looks like it might start preflowering now.

Jack hasn’t stretched. Zkittlez is definitely ready to stretch. I stopped LST on jack last week but keep adjusting zkittlez to try to remain even. Do some autos never stretch or might jack start getting taller? I have never had a plant not stretch so I am not sure if this is a thing. If so, how will it affect the yield?

Jack Herer looks like it already has buttons up top so I wouldn’t expect it to get much taller if any. I’d leave them be and let the zkittlez plant grow up.

That’s kind of a silly mindset to be in. Soil ph tends to crash in mid flower and become to acidic for the plants to reach all the required nutrients. So not being on top of ph and refusing to do so is only going to hurt your yields if or when it happens.

I would also keep in mind that your nitrogen levels look to pretty high judging by the color of the plants. To much nitrogen in flower can have a negative effect on the plants ability to produce flower.

Nodes look super tight as well(which isnt necessarily a bad thing) so you may get some better stretching from the zkittlez if you raise it up like 8 to 10 inches until she finishes her stretch.


Another factor may also be, how much your lighting is turned up. If it’s cranked, they won’t stretch much, especially first 3 weeks of flowering.


Thank you for the feedback. I will let zkittlez go and raise jack to keep it even. I am not sure what you mean by “raise it up 8-10 inches.” Do you mean distance from the light? Right now tops are 18-20 inches from the light.

Also, I know not testing ph is an unpopular decision. Because I use all organic, I feel like I have not yet had an issue as it should self balance. My last white widow auto yielded 3.5 oz so I was happy with that.

Sadly my light is not adjustable so yes it is cranking 18-20 inches from the tops which is similar to what I have done in the past.

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Yes, with all organic grows, PH is usually self balancing.


This explains the lack of stretch.


Your light is up at the roof of your tent? Even if you cant dim it you could still raise it up more.


I can and will raise the light 4-6 inches. I have the room.

Yo solidarity brother I’m the same way. Shits OG, let nature take the wheel

stretch is genetic and some strains go crazy while others barely grow at all. This is my first time growing sour diesel and I was surprised at how long it took to start stretching. It was just getting started while other strains were basically done stretching.


That’s the plan. Raised the light some now I am letting ‘em go. To keep it even, I will raise the jack herer up to whatever height the zkittlez ends up at.

I’m all for strange measures to acheive an even canopy

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