Is my training going good?

Is my training going good and am i doing it right? And some of my leaves

leaves are little bending you can sesee in pcture, is everything good and also pl tell me about my progress? Plant age:- around 25 days


Looks good to me

I am growing under 400w grow loght and it is around 100 watt per swuare feet, what should be the ideal temp?

The temp u want is anywhere from 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit so which it will be from 25-28 degrees Celsius see where i live we go by degrees Celsius .i will show u my autos

Thats my girl scout cookies auto and this other one is critical purple auto
imine will be ready at the of this month

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Mine are northern lights and i also wanted to know where should i keep my thermometer just under the loghts or anywhere in the tent?

I normally sit my temp gauge on the floor of my tent or inside of one of the pots

You know if we kerp it anywhere in the tent and if we place it just under the loghts there is temp. difference