Is my plant ready to harvest?


@Mic it’s easier to determine if it’s a much closer photo. But judging by what I can see that far, I would say you have some more time. Others will be along shortly that are much more knowledgeable than myself. Welcome to the forum!

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Can’t say without pics of tricons otherwise really nice looking plant.

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You need a magnifier to see the amber (60-120x at least).
Maybe this pictures will be helpful!


@Mic over plant picture would also help with a few other shots closer on the buds

Hey everyone I’m new to this I’m currently looking into seeds and indoor growing using a grow box. What would you guys say are my best options and best purchases without spending a arm and a leg. I’m just sick of spending my money giving the state and dispensaries money when I could do it myself for a tenth of the price. If I had a grow box that could hold for plants on average how much would I yield at every Harvest and how long on average would you guys say it would take before I can Harvest

Like everyone else says, get magnifying glass and watch as the trichomes turn darker color. She will tell you when she’s ready! Good luck and nice plant

@Rizzo1 you should start your own thread about this in beginners section and you’ll receive all the help you need bro :+1:
This way we don’t hyjack this thread

Looks like you got a little while longer @Mic. But it’s tough to say without a close up of the trichomes.
That chart that @M4ur will be a great help for you to determine when to harvest and what type of medication you are looking for.

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