Is my indoor grow ok?

From a fellow grower: this is my first grow, they are five weeks and the leaves are as big as my hands. Just coming into winter here and I have been trying to keep them at 23 degrees Celsius which has been difficult and they don’t always have a routine as I work and am worried to have the lights up high incase of fire, do they look right to you. The lights are Hlg55ov2r-spec


With day time temps at 23°C your gonna want to try your best at keeping your humidity around the low 60s. Your light should be dimmed all the way down and hanging around 24 to 30 inches. The wrinkle in the leaves suggest a ph issue and I see minor clawing on a few. Ask the grower to join the forum and I can help address the issues.

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imSICKkid seems to have ya covered. only thing I would add would be to try to keep the lower leaves from laying on the soil

@ILGM.Support what kind of light is that?

@imSICKkid what kind of soil supersoil foxfarm? Perlite and ?

Can the grower join the forum to address any issus