Is it ready for flush and harvest?

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I have some Meringue autoflower plants, 64 days old (counting from the day germinated seeds were placed in soil). Pictures show the two ones that have developed the most.

Their cycle lasts 75 to 90 days. I already see some cloudy and amber trichomes and orange pistils. Should I flush it already? I am new at this and a bit afraid of flushing it too early/late. I am aiming for a cerebral effect.

Also, some leaves are turning yellow, other have yellow spots. Would you know what that is?

Thanks in advance!

Plant #1

Plant 2


I think you’re really close, just remember to only judge based on the trichomes on the buds, not the sugar leaves — theres actually several different types of trichomes made by cannabis plants, all of which mature at slightly different rates. I can already see some fading starting and you still have a lot of hairy pistols, so if it were me I’d actually cruise what you’re doing because they still have some ripening to go. But again, that’s just me!


Oh, I’ll focus on the ones on the buds!
It’s great to hear they still have some time to grow bigger! :star_struck:
Thanks a lot for your answer!


Depending on your runoff, you may even be able to squeak in a light feeding of P, K, and Mag-Sulfur to help harden and fatten those buds before the flush. In the late stages of flower, I’m generally only feeding Botanicare Sweet (mag-sulfur and molasses) until the flush.

Judging by the appearance of pistols and bud structure, I think you have around 2-3 weeks before total maturity. I think they’ll surprise you how much weight they can still pack on in this final stretch. :sunglasses:

Just don’t do what I do and chop early with hairy pistols (however a mature plant may still show white pistols depending on cultivar)!!! I was way too trigger happy during my first grow. I’m trying to exercise better patience this grow cycle :joy:


I would definately go at least 2 - 3 weeks more. Those buds are small. When dried they would be very small and airy. let them stack up some more. The yellowing is most like;y the leaves dying off because of end of life for the plant. The spotting is most likely a cal mag deficiency.


You’ve still got several weeks left Growmie. Estimate 8-12 weeks once flower starts. The published harvest dates on autos is a marketing gimmick. Once you see the pistils turn orange/Brown and start receding is a good time to check Trichomes. These plants still have some Bud fattening to do :love_you_gesture:


:point_up:what @OGIncognito said, also the leaves will yellow as the plant matures. Nutrients are drawn from the leaves for energy to produce and feed flowers. You still have a ways to go brother. Watch for the pistols to turn orange/brown and curl in, then you’re close. Id give it another feeding and replace what the plant is pulling from the leaves. The buds still have some building to do. You’ll be glad you waited.


I’m using Biobizz. BioBloom, TopMax, Alg-a-Mic and BioHeaven. I’ll look for the Mag-Sulfur!
This is definitely a great patience exercise! :laughing:

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I’ll allow them to grow a little bigger :smiley: and try to fix that cal-mag deficiency.
Thanks for your answer!

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Bud fattening :heart_eyes:
I’ll definitely wait some more!
Thanks for the answer!


I’ll definitely wait for them to grow bigger! And pay attention to the pistols!
Thanks for your answer!


Yeah , Definitely give them a little more time they have more to offer. Good luck :v:

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Patience Grasshopper. It’s the hardest part of the grow.

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