Is it Light burn, nutrient burn/deficiency or overwatering? Whats going on with my plants?

I use chicken cow horse and pig manure if it has not been through a good rain storm or to then do not add it to your soil. Earthworm casting is a good natural way to add nitrogen. I grow in soil in 5 gallon air pots i add 3 gardening shovel s full of manure to each 5 gallon air pot it equates to about 4cups. The cow and horse manure is mixed together that is one scoop the other 2 are pig and chicken then mixed together by hand and finish with blood meal and bone meal about 4 tablespoons each mix together really good and make a hole and sprinkle myconize and for the most part you will have to feed at 25 to 50% nutrient strength i just use the vegetable and herb soil mix and add to it its cheap and works great for me. You are your way to a good grow hope this helps you.


Sounds like a good soil recipe. I have heard so many good things about earthworms castings. I will definately look into it for my second grow. thanks for the help though.

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