Is Clonex on seeds and first two weeks . Okay

Hey ppl not sure if this belongs here correct me if am wrong .it only a quick question

I was wondering if

can be used on a seed and first the two weeks of the plants life before I use nutes . if it can what ml per litre is recommend and when would be the best time to stop using .

thanks in advanced

Yes, rooting hormones can be used all the way through veg. In fact, many hydro lines include it as part of the nutes. Just be sure you follow the directions for your particular product.

Am finding it hard to find the right to usage of this brand . Would want to over do it. only two seeds left and want to get it right

Seedlings not need anything at least for 2-3 weeks, depending on the strain… This is what I know

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I wouldn’t spray your seed with it, seems wasteful. Maybe a light spray to your planting mix would be better option until it sprouts?

I found this…


Just thought it would gave the seed/ seedling a better start .Yeah found plenty to do with cloning but it’s the seed /seedling am focusing on .but will gave the soil a light spray in the hole I put the seed I to and hope it’s not to much . Thanks for the help and your time much appreciated

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