Is 9 pound hammer good

is 9-pound hammer autos , as good as some say for sleep , and if you grew it any tips , i can use , thank you all , for the help , vern

I’ve not grown that strain sorry I can’t help but if it’s your first grow I’d advise you go with something easy to grow

Don’t know, try it and let us know. I want to try the photoperiod version


One hit off a 9 pound hammer should put you right to sleep, but who do you know that will hit you with it.


i just got 10 autos , PSB

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Most u can do is give it a try. @Nicky @Not2SureYet are auto growers so maybe they have tried it or know someone who has. Good luck keep us posted on the grow new types being grown are always a plus to watch.


I haven’t grown that one my self. I think the best I have heard of is the purple kush for sleep. @Missiles told me that is her go to if I remember right


Purple kush is rated the best I have found in an auot but it makes me a bit dizzy sometimes (just me though)
Ortega is the best photo period.
Northern Berry is another good one

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Nicky thank you so much , me and my brother have hard time sleeping ,