Inventronics and dimmer wiring

Judging from the nameplate both drivers will require the boards to be wired in series. How many boards did you have connected to 600 watt driver when it was flashing?

Just the one hlg 288 four board light. This is the way the light is wired

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Something isn’t right here. I see at least 1 board that is wired negative to negative, and you can’t have that on a series circuit.

I also noticed 1 board looks aftermarket. Not to say it wouldn’t work, I just can’t tell which connections are + vs which connections are -. As long as voltage and current ratings of this board are similar it won’t matter, but you’ll need to make sure it’s using right connections.

I’m not in good shape to draw you out what this should look like, but i’m sure you can find it online. Check YouTube for something from growmau5, greengene’s garden, or led gardener (series wiring). All of them should have a tutorial on how to do it.

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Could you please draw me up a diagram so i can wire this light correctly? Its for the hlg r spect 4 board constant current type driver @Skydiver @DarhkGrows thanks

You’re better off asking @dbrn32 im no expert sorry :disappointed_relieved:

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Just like below using 1+ and 1- per board.


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I ordered some replacement boards for 2 of my hlg 240 r spec lights directly from HLG awhile back and they came without any info printed on the boards as the old ones had and the only markings were a black permanent marker dot on white wire connectors. I assumed incorrectly that they were the negative connections because it was black color as normally black is negative and red is positive well I was wrong the mark indicated the positive connect and got them working fine.
I had called HLG at the time and left message and when they called back they confirmed this was the case and I did mention to them to get and use a red marker lol.
Also the reason given for the boards not having any markings was due to the sealing layer applied to them after production if I remember the conversation correctly.

Thought I’d share that tidbit.
So if that unmarked board has black marker on the white push connector on the board that indicates it’s a positive input @Andyman

Hope this helps

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Appreciate you sharing this.

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