Intro/room setup/first grow journal

If that’s the case and you don’t mind parallel wiring, will work for 4 boards then

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Ok, found the hlg-240h-c2100a. I will need 8 of these to run the 16 boards. Ordering now!!!

Does it benefit me to run these on my 220 circuit?

Ahhh geez… HLG only has the 288v1’s in 3500 and 4000k. I was planning on 3000 for both veg and flower usage.

Are you going to run the entire 72ft^2 wall to wall with plants or will you have walking space between each 4x4? You dont need to light the walkways between. Or line against the back and sides and have the middle to walk. You don’t need to make them 4x4 spaces either.

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Just enough space between each 4x4 (or slightly smaller) scrog to squeeze through.

3500 is good for veg and bloom. Also check growerslights, they usually have the v2 at 3000 if you’re dead set on 3k.

Ended up buying 16x of the Atreum 288.2’s. Got 4x of the 600H drivers. Mike at Atreum was awesome and he told me the boards could definitely handle 150w each. I will of course not run them at full power, but I’m getting closer!! About to head to the big box to get all parts to assemble. I’ll post pictures and updates as this progresses.

Mr Carter

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Got the boards and the drivers…


So… just some thoughts on the Atreums. Everything was nicely packed and arrived with no damage to the boxes.

I did end up not receiving one of the 288.2’s, which happens occasionally I’m sure. Emailed Atreum and await a response.

It’ll get there… Next issue is to figure out these drivers.

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@dbrn32 I should have llistened to you about the drivers. I won’t stray from your advice again. Have you any experience hooking up these drivers with two output power pairs instead of just one?

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Ya, it’s two separate circuits. I’m not familiar with atreum board specs, but if it was hlg boards you would wire two boards in parallel from each channel.

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Thank you sir. I will update with pictures as soon as we get these built.

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The light controller for the 4 drivers, any suggestions on a specific model? I know nothing.

We’re not allowed to post amazon links right? I found one Titan Controls 4-Light Controller w/ Relay Trigger Cord, 120V - Helios 2

But it’s only 120v.

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Amazon links are allowed.

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4 hlg-600’s? That will work, just make sure feeder circuit is sized properly.



Getting there… waiting on the missing board from Atreum.

Having fun though!


“…and there was light. And it was good.”