Interstitial Cystitis

On the off chance I’d like to know if anyone has this, as my wife does. It’s very painful for her. If you do, what strains are you utilizing?

That is a very unfortunate diagnosis and yes…extremely painful. I do not have this diagnosis but I am an RN who works with oncology patients who do. The strains most helpful for many who need help with painful chronic diseases include those high in myrcene and limonene. Some folks respond well to one and not the other. So it may include a little trial and error. Across the spectrum of choices, white widow has a good myrcene amount and good evening pain control and strains like Lemon Fuel and Super Lemon Haze are good in the daytime for those who respond well to limonene. Again, it is very individual to the person, but those white widow and super lemon haze are both very common strains you should be able to find at a dispensary or at seed vendors (ILGM has both and I have grow both and can verify their effects for my chronic pain). I wish you and your wife good luck and health.


Thank you kindly for the detailed response. I will look into those strains. She doesn’t like pain pills. She would rather go with marijuana. Just been hard to do so.

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