Insufficient light questions

Time for me to beg for guidance and demonstrate my ignorance… be gentle… lol.

I made a DA rookie mistake and went out of town the day after they started popping out of the soil. When I returned (two days) they were 3 to 5 inches tall, only had two leaves and were bent over towards the window I left them by. The bending straightened right out with light directly above. One still hasn’t came up.

I read another post which had photos similar to mine and someone said they would trans plant them and bury them a lot deeper, close to the leaves. Is this something I should do? (White widow & Blue dream auto flowers)

As soon as the temps allow they will be going in the green house and with a little more temp climb they will go outside, in the ground. A taller plant wont hurt me… but will it hurt production?

Also, how low of a temp can they tolerate at night, I can take them to the green house during the day, but it’s in the high 40’s to mid 50’s at night here. I wanted to wait until at least 60’s at night, I know then I can easily keep the green house in the mid 70’s.


What kind of light is it. Are they in a rent at all. Autos or photos. Lower the light to start so they r not stretching so bad. When u transplant bury all but an inch or 2 of the stalk so its not so lanky. Welcome and good luck.


Agree with @Mark0427. @cntryby

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The light is right on top of them.

White widow & Blue Dream autos.

I put them in the lights for two days and they didn’t get much taller, they started to get another set of leaves and straightened up. Today warmed up to 95 in the greenhouse, I adjusted my ventilation and got it down to 80 and put them out there. It’s suppose to be cloudy for a few days, should I bring them back in and put them back under the lights. The lights are cheapo walmart lights, PAR 3.04, two bulbs. I hadn’t planned on needing lights, but had an emergency that took me outta town, when i got back…

Also a VERY gentle breeze to make the stems stronger


They are fine you just have strecthing from them wanting to be closer to the light. Lower the light if not done already. Plants could probably tolerate 55 degrees night temp without dying not sure really ive had my plants in 63 degree night temps they dont mind it but everytime you dont provide optimal conditions i guess in theory it will hurt yield and potency but just have fun growing not everything has to be perfect as long as you get buds that you in enjoy thats all that matters and just take every mistake as a learning experience and move on.


Thanks everyone, I guess I’m going to roll with them and when I transplant them outside maybe go a little deeper depending on how they look then. They won’t get much / any breeze in the green house so if they seem fragile at transplant or sooner, I’ll stake them.

Lesson learned = Have decent lights ready for circumstances that may come up. Maybe start with a slightly bigger pot.


clouded sunlight is still better than what you have to offer


Forecast is showing clouds and rain for the next week to 9 days, is it worth trying to get better light to tide me over?

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You should be able to get by with something like this for a little while


U are in the right plce my fellow growmie plenty of help a button away. Stay the course. Looks good @cntryby.


Caligurl… THANK YOU!!!

Put the new lights in today, have the fan on… they seem to be loving it. They’re just rock’n around a bit from the breeze, the light has much better coverage of the plants and the leaves seem to be opening up to bask in the light. It’s amazing how quick they adjust to the conditions.

Now about deer repellant…

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LOL! Deer repellent? We’ve tried EVERYTHING! We have TONS of deer here… the only thing that has worked are the motion activated sprinklers (scarecrows) We have 4 of them now and they really do work. They have a night setting which is all you need to run it on.

The sprayer looks like it would work… just not in my location. Although I’m going to look into it for around my green house and small orchard.

You ever tried anything like this…

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WE tried something very similar. Can’t remember the actual ingredients, but I do remember the egg, hot sauce and garlic… literally they eat everything that every garden center says is deer proof. Only flowers they won’t eat are lavender and rosemary. They even devoured our Citron plants.

You’re not telling me what I want to hear… lol.

We’re covered up with deer, no way to have a hose / motion sprinkler at the location. I loose some stealth if I put a basket / fence around them… DANG…

What ta do … what ta do…

Yeah, we have to get a deer fence around the property. One day the scarecrow’s battery died and literally it only took one night of it being dead and the deer came in and destroyed the garden (veggie and fruits). It’s like they came up every single night to test the sprinkler system for us and when it didn’t work, they called for a deer party! :angry: :pouting_cat:

The location I planned on using has great soil, and I mean great! But a fence there would be out of the question.

At home, I’ve had the deer come in and eat the sweet potatoes, the beans, and a bunch of veggies. I even had a buck use a 3 year old pear tree as his rub. Took bark off half way around the tree, 30 inches tall, still seems to be doing ok though.

Times running out for me though, I’m gonna have ta do something pretty quick or it gonna be a straight up roll of the dice to get anything out of these.

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Yup, the male deer here used our lemon and lime trees to make scrub their antlers… I hate those little sh!t&

I’m still getting the edges of my leaves curling up a little. Humidity is a little low, 63-65 % but how far should the lights be from the seedlings? I didn’t want them to keep stretching so I have them pretty close, 6 or 8 inches. There doesn’t seem to be a heat problem, will the proximity of the UV be a problem, without heat?