Indoor to outdoor transfer. Shock?

I recently transferred a few plants from my indoor grow outside and it looks like they’re in shock. I did my best to avoid shock by placing them in a shaded area with a good 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. The day I moved them out it was a bit windy and they did experience a little wind burn but shortly after that they started with dead spot on leaves and some are yellowing and completely dying. My indoor plants are doing really well so I don’t know if I need to fertilize more often, once a week right now and watering once more as well. Both are ph between 6.3 to 6.5.
Currently I’m using the selection of nutes in the Go Box from General Organics, I purchased it before I knew it was a Monsanto company and it was too late to return. I just don’t want to waste money so I’m using it.

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Well, the strain is blue dream and they have been growing indoors for about 2 and a half months. Indoors, they experienced a temp range of 82/72 and a relative humidity range of anywhere from 62% after watering to a low in about the mid 40% but mostly averaged 50%. The soil brand I’m using is Black Magic.
Water and nutes are always ph’d at around 6.3 to 6.5 with a runoff of about the same range. Ppm’s range from 400 to 475 per feeding now.
Now that I have transferred the plants outdoors, the temp here in Nothern Cali has been anywhere from mid 70’s to 80’s with lows in the 50’s. There have been a couple of days in the 90’s and more to come. My plants indoors are still doing well so it lead me to believe the problem with these is the transition to outdoor.
I think that is everything. Thank you so much for your help, it is much appreciated.

When did you put them outside, and what size pot are they in?

Oh, lately I’ve been watering and feeding once a week. Usually it’s every 3 days and I’ll either feed or water, alternating between. And I check by sticking my finger in the soil to my 2nd knuckle to feel for moisture.

They have been outside now for about 2 weeks and the day they went outside I also transplanted them from 1.5 gal pots to 6.2 gal pots.

I think it’s just from the outdoor move. If you acclimate them slowly, you can avoid it.

Will they recover well from the shock? It looks like the spotting is spreading up the plant. Also, should increase my nute ppm or feed less water but more often?

Yes, i’m sorry, I meant to say that you should up your nutes, i’m pretty sure she’s hungry.

Yes, she can recover.


When moving plants from indoors to outdoors its best to transition slowly like @raustin mentioned
You can do this by placing them in a shady spot with out direct sun light for a week then youll be able to transition them to full sun
Otherwise looks like your getting good help already :+1:
Happy growing :v: CB


So far my two plants are doing well. The necrosis stopped spreading from the look of it. I was thinking of flowering one of these indoor when my other plants finish flowering inside. I have four smaller plants flowering in a 3x3 with about 4 and a half weeks left of flower. Plus I’ll dry in there as well so I won’t be able to move it inside until about August 17th. Will I have enough time to do this before the outside plants start flowering naturally? I want to be able to give it a neem treatment before I put it inside and I don’t want to neem any buds forming.

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Sorry, those were old pics.


Looking good buddy
Be careful bringing plant in and out of grow room you dont want to bring in bugs

What can I use on the plants while they flower? Right now I use a neem oil spray once a week. What else can I use as a foliar spray in flower and what should I use in the soil to kill any bugs there?