In search of a mentor for my autos

I’ll take that canopy height all day Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Looking very lush, bro!


Goodmorning and I agree with the Growmies, Pharms looking great from over here. Impressive stalk growth.

I reduced the amount in my tent, they like the freedom lol

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Yeah I would just them do their thing. They’re thriving. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

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:grin::grin: I’ve just planted a couple more myself but photos :laughing: super iced grapefruit and rawkus runtz


Happy Cannaversary Growmie :love_you_gesture:


I will update on effectiveness. Read up on pgrs……same stuff as canna boost. Pgr but natural from some plant in south Atlantic.

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Who we talkin about w cannaversary? @OGIncognito

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@Se7en :love_you_gesture:

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Smoke one for me 7

Well @OGIncognito @Spiney_norman @Jonesy287

Been playing with the frequent fertigation and I don’t think the plants like 2 watering a day as much as they like 2 waterings about every 36 hours. I suppose at this point the plants are doing well enough where I can make that decision based on plant response.

I’ve got to admit….the coco is a great way to go but I’ve noticed a couple things.

  1. Plants look better with a minimum of 15 hours between watering.
  2. If I keep that watering to a point at least 12 hours before lights off; it really helps with humidity during dark period.
  3. Gotta watch my reservoir now that I’ve got the airstone in there. It seems to raise ph. I think og told me that.
  4. My auto watering is working well but I need to run it in two cycles per event. About 45 seconds; I get a drain. It runs off slowly. About 5 minutes later I do another 30 seconds. This hits runoff I want. If I run 1 min 15 secs all at once I get close to overflow on my drainage pans.
  5. Sativa is great but it’s work. Mainly just to defoliate this thing takes as much work as all my other plants. That’s the Cinderella 99 plant.
  6. Next grow, I wanna keep autos. I’m looking for suggestions. Mainly interested in quality and variety. I can only smoke so much. I want pretty buds. Cheers

Happy Cannversary BrotherSe7en

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Well. I bought a new dehumidifier. This one is 70 pints. Hopefully my humidity issues are over. It wasn’t real cheap but it should help the crop. Garage room is tricky when humidity outside rarely dips below 80 percent for days on end.

I’m thinking the humidity was going to be a concern through flower so I’m glad I did it. I’ve been pinging around 55-60 if I’m lucky and was really walking a fine line with the offsets I was using.

Time will tell. I think my current was 30 pint and it was running pretty constantly pulling like a gallon every 12 hours but ineffective unless ac compressor was running.

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Hotta put up a pic. Filling out good. Cheers.


Man those look amazing!

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Well. I’m out of vertical space. I didn’t think I’d get there with autos but I’ve got about 2 feet from plant tops to lights now.

It’s not like these things are gangly. They are fat. Just really big autos.

The more space between my lights and plants the more I can bump up the intensity and also the more even the coverage.

Really hoping the stretch is over. Now the Girl Scout cookies in back right is shooting up a bit but it’s slowed. Bud production looks to be pretty good.

Now I’ve got the humidifier set to 55 and it’s 45 RH in my tent. So I’m just going to lower the temp to keep vpd in check.

This AC infinity probe is no longer trustworthy as it’s all over the place w humidity readings. I’m just reading the plants. I watered at 5 pm last eve and again about 3 am. I’ve got thermopro hydrometers that u think are more accurate. They are stuck to my light w a magnet but I think the humidity reading is more accurate.

There are hygrometer in my tent besides the ac probe and they all read basically the same. The AC probe is wildly erratic and only seems to agree to the others occasionally no matter what the offset.

I don’t care what ac says. I know
My humidity drops when ac compressor kicks on. This can be followed in the rhythm of the ThermoPro memory. And somewhat the ac. But the ac bounces up and down + - 5 or so degrees every few minutes. I can watch it go from 50 humidity to 60 in like 45 seconds. Not buying that. Exhaust and everything else is static. It’s just the probe. And I have 2. They both do the same thing but with about a five degree and rh difference.

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@OGIncognito @Spiney_norman @Jonesy287

Hi. So I know I’m supposed to keep humidity low during flower. I also know accepted temps are like 72-78 or an even wider range.

Right now I’m @ like 50 RH and 75f and that’s a VPD of appx 1.5. I drift out of this range to lower humidity and higher temps occasionally every hour. So when that happens vpd shoots up very fast. Am I looking for an average here? I know it’s said not to chase vpd but I can adjust so I’m looking for best practice over the day. If I raise humidity I’m guaranteed a humidity spike over 60rh with lights out.

I’ve got a bigger dehumidifier on the way that I will use when it’s raining etc and will turn it on off via WiFi.

I guess the issue is,I can hover around 50 rh or I can hover about 60rh. Of course. Higher vpd at 50. Does this seem ok? Thx


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Those are perfect for where you’re at. I’d keep them there. I wouldn’t pay to much mind to VPD. You’ll drive yourself nuts chasing that. Just keep your temps and humidity where you’ve got it at this stage and you’re golden. You could even drop your temps another 8° and get your fall color to pop. You’re doing great buddy.


@OGIncognito @Jonesy287

Well. I’ve been looking back at previous grows and on the indicas I’m about a month to 45 days out. One is a high cbd strain 1:1 so I think you harvest those early in the harvest window?

This strawberry gorilla is a mini bush and I’m hoping it stretches. I’ll wait n see on it but it’s probably gonna stay small.

Started with the sumo boost and I’m excited to see if it works as well as they say.

Also started dosing with pk in smaller amounts.

I had been doing a ton of reading on this and the window of use is supposed to be one week but everyone says a different week. Another thing I read was dosing it in very small doses once flowers form over a longer period of time.

I also have plants at different stages so this seems to make sense. I’ll note any negative effects.

Now the plants are taking 2 fertigations daily without issue.

For some reason I wake every morning at 3am so I water then and 430pm to 5 pm. Dark period is 1230pm -430pm.

They are starting to smell and I like it. You can only smell inside the garage and on my porch.

Again. Always nice chatting.


Thanks brother sorry just see these :grin::ok_hand:t2:

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