In need of HELP can anyone diagnose my plant 😭

My plants are 5 weeks old and they were growing nice and healthy. I left them in the care of my Mom while i was gone and they only got watered twice. When i got home I immediately mixed up a mix of nutrients for vegetation becouse i believe they officially started the veg stage. Now i didnt measure which is a huge No No i know but i was freaking out both my beautiful plants looked dead i was trying to give them a boost. I put them back under light and waited 2 days this poor plant still looks very ill is it going to die can i save it? Please any advice at all would be much appreciated.


Are you going to give them a bigger home? Ph of water?
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Welcome to the community , a repot into final home with a cannabis friendly soil would be a good start. Possibly 5 to 7 gallon fabric pots would work fine. Plants will bounce back.


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Greetings and welcome. She needs a bigger home to begin with. .


Welcome to the forum. I have a few comments in addition to the good ones above.

Most importantly, she will be fine with proper care. Drooping is common when things are a bit out of whack. She’ll do fine with a little TLC.

Underwater is far better than overwatering.

Be careful. You are more likely to burn a plant with excess nutrients. Underfeeding for a short period of time is fine. You won’t help the plant by overfeeding trying to “catch up.” Follow the recommended amounts and leave it at that. The best way to manage nutes is to get yourself a PPM meter and feed with a target of 1,000 PPM in your runoff (what runs out the bottom of the pot.)

Also, a pH meter is very helpful. You want to target a runoff pH of 6.5. Cannabis prefers slightly acidic soil.

Your plant is nowhere near the threat of death.

It’s time for a transplant. Get some fabric pots and use a good, cannabis friendly soil.


Awesome that makes me happy i was super worried i stressed her out to the point of no return. I will rehome them and we will goncrom there. Ill post more pics and exactly what i feed them and when would really appreciate the feed back. You all are amazing thanks for the warm welcome everyone :heart:

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You have good advice in the above comments. Remember to transplant with cannabis-friendly soil that was mentioned above, as it will have the proper PH, along with allowing enough drainage. The soil in the pic looks like it might retain too much moisture.


What they said. :slight_smile: Welcome to Forums @Calqlayton